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Since I changed my diet by cutting out grains and sugar, and since I'm usually not as good as I want to be about eating enough green and nutrient rich vegetables, I wanted to make sure that I am getting enough of the nutrients I need to function properly and stay healthy.

I was concerned that all my years of eating wheat and processed foods had left me deficient in some nutritional areas. Wheat consumption over many years impairs intestinal magnesium absorption and consuming grains can cause some other nutritional deficiencies as well. Some common deficiencies caused by grains are Vitamin D, Magnesium, Iodine, and the B Vitamins. I think that I was deficient in these - I figured it out after I started getting cramps in my legs and feet at night. I read up in the Wheat Belly books and articles, and I researched vitamins and minerals, and here's what I am doing now:

 -I take a Women's supplement with B vitamins, including extra Omega 3's 

- I take liquid Vitamin D3 

- I take Magnesium Malate in the morning and Magnesuim Glycinate at night

​ (Magnesium Malate - Source Naturals, 1200 mg (total tablet/capsule weight) in the      morning and afternoon as it can be energizing and is good for muscle pain. (The malate  form (the malic acid “salt,” an acid from apples and fruit) is well-absorbed and least likely  to cause diarrhea.)  I take Magnesium Glycinate at night as it can be relaxing and has a good  absorption rate.

- I take whole food Vitamin C

- I take liquid Iodine - see information HERE

- Plus of course I drink plenty of water

I went through all of the vitamins in my cupboard and and had to ditch the majority of them as they either had wheat, starches, so many artificial ingredients that I couldn't identify, or they were expired, ha ha.  Make sure to check all ingredients in your supplements as many have added soy and other junk.

I don't take separate calcium supplements - studies have shown that calcium supplementation has few benefits and that intestinal calcium absorption increases dramatically with removal of wheat/grain phytates that bind calcium in the intestinal tract, making it unavailable for absorption.  The major factor influencing intestinal calcium absorption is vitamin D - see information HERE.  

The majority of people are vitamin D deficient. This is because most people live indoors and/or wear clothes that covers much of the body’s skin surface area, and because we lose the ability to activate vitamin D as we age. 

I feel great with what I'm doing. I have a lot more energy, my skin and hair is healthier, and I'm not getting those awful cramps - unless I forget or get too busy to take my supplements! I am not having any digestive issues, and it's especially nice to have completely eliminated heartburn and headaches.

Another important factor for maintaining energy is to consume plenty of healthy fat, which I'm not great with either.  So I take a coconut oil softgel daily.

Supplements with Eating Grain-Free