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Is Wheat Bad??

I think it is!  But I understand that eating well means different things to different people. What we put into our bodies is a personal choice. What I am doing is trying to take responsibility and be accountable for my own health. I realized that I wasn't making good choices with fast food and processed, quick foods. I was sacrificing nutrition (which is the whole point of eating in the first place!) for convenience. I honestly never really understood nutrition very well, but I am doing a lot of reading and research so I'll share what I am learning here. 

According to the New York Times best-selling book Wheat Belly, and its author, cardiologist William Davis, MD., there are many health problems associated with wheat and grains. In the short time I have been off of grains, I have had a dramatic improvement in my overall health. 

I haven't had one headache or stomach ache- that in itself is enough to convince me that he is spot-on with what he says. But I also have more energy, my skin is doing better, AND I'm losing weight and keeping it off!  My appetite has decreased and cravings for sweets and chips is gone.

The modern version of wheat is a far cry from the ancient plant. In fact, the newer, high-yield wheat we've been eating since the 1980s is full of genetic changes that seem to inflame our bodies, cause our guts to leak, and trigger autoimmune diseases, celiac disease, IBS, and colitis.

But is a wheat-free diet really for you?  Regardless of whether you suffer from celiac disease - an ailment triggered by wheat's gluten - or not, many experts now believe that anyone giving up not just gluten, but grains altogether, could enjoy tremendous weight loss and health benefits. Combine eliminating grains with eating whole, unprocessed foods and cut sugar from your diet and you'll be amazed at how much better you can look and feel.

Dr. Davis also discourages people from resorting to the unhealthy gluten-free replacement foods.  Which I agree with too - I avoid the gluten-free aisles at the store and avoid all that crap that is promoted as being natural and healthy.

Is wheat bad?
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