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Grain-Free Living

Wheat Belly, Keto, Paleo.....these are all quite similar.  All are grain and sugar-free, and all have their benefits.  I have found Wheat Belly and Keto to be compatible and the most beneficial to me.
HERE is a good article about the similarities and differences of Keto vs Paleo.

I seriously believe that cutting all grains from your diet is one fairly easy and doable thing that can dramatically improve your overall health - not just for weight loss but for reducing inflammation in the body, getting insulin and cholesterol levels in check, repairing your gut, maintaining higher energy levels and managing brain fog.  As I continue to explore and learn about living without grains, I will be posting some good recipes and information on my blog about going grain-free and the many health benefits my family is realizing by cutting grains from our diet.  

I had vaguely heard about the idea of not eating wheat, but the thought of not eating breads - or pasta - seemed overwhelming to me. And I love pasta!  I was pretty shocked when I started paying attention to the ingredients in so many of the foods we ate everyday.  So many artificial preservatives, all kinds of sugars and wheats, and soy - which for some reason seems to be in everything!

We are learning how to eat without these types of foods, and it's actually very fulfilling.  I'm discovering lots of recipes that are easy and tasty.  

After I started using essential oils, I started feeling better on many levels and I think because of that I was able to start thinking about really being healthier and losing some weight.  I borrowed the Wheat Belly book and about half way into the first chapter I was seriously convinced of the health benefits associated with eliminating grains.  The book explained how to quit eating all of the "bad" wheats and grains, and I was surprised at how easy it was to do.  It took some time to expand my diet and learn some new recipes, but it has totally been worth it.

I still can't believe that I don't crave any of the foods that I used to eat on a regular basis.  In three months I have lost over 25 pounds!  I feel good, I have a lot more energy, I am way less stressed out, my skin is looking better, AND it feels really good to have to go shopping for smaller jeans!

I have not had heartburn or an upset stomach once, and prior to this I was downing Tums every day. Hot flashes are almost completely gone, and I have literally not had one headache!

The big question for me was - but what CAN I eat?  HERE is a quick list of foods to eat and foods to avoid, and HERE is another more detailed list.

I realize that initially this can feel like a big undertaking, and in some ways it is.  But, over the course of a month or so, I cleaned out my pantry and got rid of everything that contained any grains, starches, sugars, and processed ingredients.  Gradually, we have learned what foods work best for us and how to grocery shop more efficiently.  We now eat whole, unprocessed foods, lots of meat and fats and vegetables, eggs, raw nuts, some fruits, and definitely no "gluten free" prepared items!

I highly recommend reading Wheat Belly Total Health by Dr. William Davis. This information is a real eye opener!

You can also check out the Wheat Belly Facebook Page for more information. 

I never realized that all of the "healthy" whole grain products I was eating are highly addictive and how they trigger blood sugar spikes which just make you more hungry! There is a lot of evidence showing that eliminating grains from your diet can actually reverse diabetes, eliminate aches and pains completely, lower cholesterol and high blood pressure. There are also many emotional and mental benefits that are helping people who suffer from depression, anxiety and stress related diseases. Many people report having more physical energy and less mental fatigue.

We already have some awesome success stories in my family, which I will share shortly.  For right now I will say this: If you want to lose some weight, feel better emotionally and physically,have more energy, and start eating things that actually nourish your body - then definitely get off the grains! 

This doesn't mean just going "gluten free" as many of the gluten free products and recipes contain other grains that have the same effect on your body as wheat does.

P.S.  I have also cut out sugar, which I don't miss at all - crazy, I know.  As I'm writing this, although I have goodies around the house for company and the grand kids, I am not even tempted to have a sample.  Once you purge sugar from your system, you quit craving it.  

I am not starving, we eat lots of good, satisfying food!

Here is an article with information about sugar.

And here is an article with information regarding GMO facts and arguments - interesting!

Another  article I came across "The Real Reason Wheat is Toxic". If you don’t have problems with wheat now, you will in the future if you keep eating conventionally produced, toxic wheat!

Gluten-Free is not healthy!!  Do not eat gluten free products unless they are wheat free and grain free. By removing gluten from wheat, it is usually replaced with rice starch, corn starch, tapioca starch etc. Although these products are now gluten free and may cause the same immunological response, the carbs (mainly the amylopectin A it still contains) will still break down to glucose and still cause an insulin spike and still cause hunger, fat storage, and gain weight.

So by eating low carb/high fat, by removing wheat and grains,  you remove the biggest source of carbs and processed food.  Eliminating wheat and grains are an excellent strategy for rapid weight loss, appetite control, and blood sugar control.